Natural Gas Services

Beacon has a combined 40+ years of industry experience in marketing and transportation from wellhead to burnertip...

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Crude Oil Services

Beacon can analyze and review your crude oil marketing arrangement to be certain that you are getting the best market price available...

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Hedging and Price Protection

Beacon can assist in the implementation of market hedging tools such fixed price contracts (swaps), floor prices, no-cost collars and other structured financial products that protect against severe declines in price. All fees are disclosed up-front and over the counter transactions can be easily secured...

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Welcome to Beacon

Our Mission

To be the Premier provider of value added services and solutions to the Independent Oil & Gas Producer, enabling them to improve profitability and reduce their administrative costs.

Company Profile

Beacon uses its experience in exploration, production and operations to understand what services can assist energy producers in reaching their goals.  Beacon offers services that are custom matched to each energy producer which inevitably reduces the burden of locating and producing energy resources...

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In the News

Look below to find our recent news and press releases.newspaper

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